Giveaway: Win $25 in Natural Food Groceries! …

… and we aren’t talking just any old groceries here. Oh no, try a free $25 gift certificate to the online grocer, Navan Foods (with free shipping included, of course!). Oh wait, did I say “a” gift certificate; lets go for two, shall we? Yes, two people will win a $25 e-gift certificate for Navan Foods with free shipping included!

Navan Foods

So, who is Navan Foods? They are an awesome specialty food grocer, offering simple shopping both in store (walk right into their Virginia Beach location) and online (they ship throughout the United States). Navan Foods touts itself as “The Allergy Free Food Shop,” but they offer so much more. Their easy to use online market allows you to shop not only by allergens (no peanuts, milk, eggs, or soy? no problem) but also by various dietary requirements, including gluten-free, vegan, organic, kosher, diabetic-friendly, low fat, and the Feingold stages. Seriously, this is the best designed website for an online grocer I have ever seen.

Of course, since I can’t win, I spent way too much time searching the Navan Foods’ site to see what I would pick with a $25 gift certificate … and may now just have to buy! My list includes:

  • Road’s End Chreese Mix and Shiitake Mushroom Gravy Mix (based on Sarah’s recommendation)
  • MimicCreme Unsweetened (dying to try this nut-based “cream”)
  • Natural Desserts Unflavored Jel Mix (looks like fun to experiment with)
  • Enjoy Life Boom Choco Boom Rice Milk Bar (another one on my “must try” list)
  • Arico Ginger on Fire Cassava Chips (love these, nice change of chip pace)
  • Enjoy Life Snickerdoodle Cookies (soft, chewy heaven) … and …
  • Sunspire’s Vegan Carob Chips (my latest addiction) or Ricemellow Creme (another curiosity)

Alisa's Navan Foods Wish List

So, you probably want to enter to win, no? I wouldn’t leave you hanging.

To enter just …

Leave a comment on this post, and let me know either, what item(s) you would be most excited to purchase from Navan Foods with your e-certificate or vent about a food you love or want to try, but have had a heck of a time finding. 

To enter twice …

If you have a blog or if you twitter, let others know about the giveaway with a mention and link to this post for a second entry!

Since a holiday weekend is upon us, the comments section will be open for entries through tax day, Wednesday, April 15th. Two winners will be selected at random on the 16th, so get your entry in … now!  (Update: You now have until Friday, April 17th to enter, winner to be announced on the 18th!)

Good luck, and stay tuned to One Frugal Foodie … more inexpensive, easy recipes on the horizon.

274 thoughts on “Giveaway: Win $25 in Natural Food Groceries! …

  1. Joyce

    Probably Ricemellow creme!

  2. Elise

    Ditto on the ricemellow creme! And the Ah!laska Chocolate Syrup. What a fun chance it would be to buy things I typically never buy for myself.

  3. I would try the Allerenergy Blueberry Nutrition Bars!! I love this website. 🙂

    Thanks for the contest!

  4. Lori

    Wow, so much to choose from. I would love to try some of the baking mixes and the Cassava chips. But I’d also have to get Snickerdoodle cookies for my daughter!

  5. What a FAB giveaway! Not sure if I’m eligible to enter because I live in Spain but if I can enter and if I win nominate my voucher to someone who lives in USA that would be cooool.
    I would be most excited about pretty much all the vegan products they stock – and a quick squizz at their site shows me they stock a LOT!
    Nana’s Fudge Cookie Bites sound good and so does the Mozzarella Chreese and I was lucky enough to try some Ricemallow Creme a while back and I LOVED it and would love to be able to get it over here.

  6. Andrea

    This online shop sounds awesome. I try to buy as much stuff close to home, but lately have started ordering from vegan online grocery/shops to get all the ingredients for new things I want to try.

    Thanks for offering this contest to introduce new places to shop for what we need. 🙂 🙂

  7. Gabby G

    I really wanna try the cinnamon sugar soynut butter. I have the plain kind at my house all the time, but I’d love to try one that’s flavored. (:

  8. I would love to try those cookies!

  9. Theonna

    I really want to try more if the Teff Grain and the quinoa cookies for the first time. They are healthy supergrains!

  10. curtis grills

    LOVE THE FROZEN BREAD WITH CHEESE!!!!! EAT IT ALL THE TIME. Sorry I don’t remember the brand name.

  11. Katie

    I live near Navan and they are the only local place I’ve been able to find dairy-free, gluten-free Mozzarella “cheese” so that my food allergic toddler can have pizza with the rest of the family!!! If I win, I’d definitely be stocking up! They’ve been a life saver (literally) in learning to deal with my son’s allergies!

    (all of the Enjoy Life products are delicious, as are the Dr. Lucy’s cookies, and the Whip Soy (can’t remember the maker, but it tastes JUST LIKE whip cream!))

  12. Beth

    There are canned spaghetti products that remind me of the kind everyone had as a kid – and I’d love to be able to eat a healthier version. Even if it’s only every now and then!

  13. lori kannan

    My son loves anything from Enjoy Life but we are always on the lookout for GFCFSF cereals and snack bars!

  14. Heather

    My daughter’s favorites – corn free marshmallows, the Soy Whip Cream, Sunbutter, Organic Lollipops and candy…. all the fun foods she would miss out on if it weren’t for Navan Foods!!!

  15. Jacqui Teti

    My kids love the Enjoy Life’s coco loco bars and snickerdoodles! They also love Organ’s outback animal cookies! Thank you Navan Foods for being in our town!!!

  16. Tiffany M.

    My 3 year old son is allergic to eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, milk, soy, beef, pork, and shellfish…so its always a challenge to find things to give him. I would definitely stock up on Rice Milk and Enjoy Life cookies (he really loves them!) and since his birthday is coming up soon I would buy some allergy free cake mix too!

  17. I have NO idea what I’d try…we live only a few miles away and I’ve not made it over there yet…but my peanut allergic son would probably pick something salty!

  18. tweeted!

    (saw this contest on FB – an update by Navan Foods!)

  19. Kerry Martinez

    I would love to use the gift certificate to purchase more of the yummy Applegate Farms Gluten Free Chicken Tenders!!!

  20. Nick Martinez

    My wife loves Navan Foods so I’d use the gift certificate to buy her lots of gluten free goodies.

  21. toni clark

    i love the chips that you have in the store.

  22. nichole brown

    we love shopping at your store for namste foods. they are gluten free

  23. Betsy S.

    Navan Foods is a wonderful store—so enjoy going. We’d be so excited to find gluten free cinnamon rolls on our next trip.

  24. SofiaP

    I’d love to find milk/soy/peanut/treenut free granola bars for my son! He was just diagnosed with the peanut/treenut allergy and loves granola bars for snacks (he’s 3). Those rice milk chocolate bars are pretty darn good too and he loves chocolate hemp milk.

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